March 1, 2016

How to Synchronize your Clock’s Time and Strike

Antique Connecticut-made mantel and wall clocks are very dependable and forgiving clocks. However, their strike and time will go out of sync if allowed to wind down to a stop.   When this happens (and it will happen)  you can follow these simple steps to re-synchronize the clock.

  1. Wind (or raise the weights on) both sides of the clock.
  2. Using your finger, turn the minute hand clockwise to the “12” until the clock starts striking the hours.
  3. Count the number of strikes.  This is the “strike-time” –  the time the clock thinks it is.
  4. Turn the hour hand to point at the number of strikes you just heard.  Most hour hands are held in place by friction.  You can turn them either direction and then tighten them by pushing them in around their base; close to the shaft on which they set.  The dial-time and strike-time are now synchronized.
  5. Turn the minute hand clockwise until the current time is reached.  Be sure and pause each time the clock starts to strike.  Wait for it to complete its strikes before continuing.
  6. If it is not already running, start the clock.
  7. Done.

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