March 1, 2016

How to Make your Clock “Fall Back” the Easy Way

The end of Daylight Saving Time is one of the  least anticipated events for the mechanical clock owner.  OK, “Fall back”.  Loose an hour.  Since I am not supposed to turn the minute hand counter-clockwise, what do I do?  Well there’s two ways to tackle this less-than-cherished task.

First, you  could advance the time forward by 11 hours.  That would be keeping the rule of not turning the minute hand backwards.  However, it also means you would have to wait each time the clock starts chiming, which for a clock that chimes on the quarter-hour could seem like an eternity.  (Now just why did I want this grandfather clock?)  There is a less painful solution.

The second solution is far less nerve-racking but does require a little bit of keeping track of the time.  Stop the clock.  Yes, literally.  Stop the clock.  Go watch your favorite television program and in one hour start it back up.  Mission accomplished.  You may have to tweak the minute hand forward or back a little, depending upon how good you were at keeping track of the time, but by employing a little bit of smarts and patience you will have breezed through the end of DST like a pro.

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