March 1, 2016

How to Synchronize Your Cuckoo Clock

If you are setting up your cuckoo clock or if you missed winding it before it stops, you will need to synchronize the clock.   Follow these simple steps to get the clock sounding out the correct time.

  1. Raise the weights on the clock.  Be careful not to jam them against the bottom of the clock.
  2. Using your finger, turn the minute hand clockwise until you reach the current time.
  3. Start the clock by giving the pendulum a small push to one side.
  4. On the right-hand side of the clock is a wooden door that is hung by a single nail or screw.  Push the door to one side.  This will reveal a black lever.  Each time you push this lever in and release it, it will advance the strike (or cuckoo-ing)  by one half hour.  Count the number of cuckoos you hear to determine the “strike-time”.  Repeat this process until the clock is sounding out the number of cuckoos for the current hour.  If the current time is beyond half past the hour, push the lever one more time so it will sound out the bottom of the hour.
  5. Raise the weights back to the top.
  6. Done.

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