About Us

Located near Columbia, Tennessee, Clock Preservation provides surrounding counties with complete service in the repair and restoration of antique, vintage, and modern clocks. Our customers include collectors, museums, and average individuals. Their trust of our diligent and skillful care of their clocks is our most valuable asset.

Every clock that comes across our bench is regarded as an important piece of history. You may think that your clock is only important to you, but we see its irreplaceable value as well. It may only be your grandmother's kitchen clock, but we envision those who wound it, cared for it, trusted it, and then passed it on to the next generation.

Clocks were once considered the first worldly possession to be rescued from a burning building or a sinking ship. People treasured their clocks and watches not only because of their value and beauty, but also because they were integral to their daily lives. Honoring those timepieces and restoring them to their intended purpose is, in a way, honoring those who invested in them and regulated a part of their lives with them.

That is why we treat every clock as a one-of-a-kind treasure. Not only do we want our customers to be satisfied with our labor, but we hope that those whose have gone on before us will be honored as well.


  1. Good afternoon,
    I am the mother of 20 year old son with autism. He has a fascination with clocks. He he has a collection of about 50. He looks them up to learn more every chance he gets.

    He is always lobbying for more. His favorite is his grandfather clock.

    I was hoping you had some information you could send him. A general catalogue would be fine. I realize this is an odd request but he would be so excited.

    Thank yo in advance,

    Alicia Seaton

    PS his name is Jackson Seaton he loves getting mail in his name.

    1. Alicia, please contact me via email, clockpreservation@gmail.com. I would love to send Jackson some material.