May 24, 2019

Gilbert 1891 Mantel Restoration

This Gilbert mantel clock, made in 1891, is an imitation marble clock. Most of its agate columns were missing and the case was spattered with paint. Attempts at repairs of some of the gouges and chips had been attempted as you can see in the brown patch on the front lower-left corner of the case.  The works (removed in this picture) needed to be overhauled, which is not unusual for a clock of this age.

Here is the same clock restored and in working condition.  The splattered paint has been removed and the gouges and chips have been repaired.  Column capitals and plinths were cast and painted to replace the ones that were missing.  Because manufacturing agate columns was going to be cost prohibitive, the columns were replaced with a spalted hardwood. The columns were stained amber and lacquered to resemble marble and complement the gold leaf in the case.  The remaining agate columns were set aside to be returned to the owner.

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