August 15, 2019

Gilbert Regulator No. 11 Restoration

 This Gilbert regulator was manufactured in 1891.  It came heavily caked with dirt.  The dial has been eaten by bugs. The case was falling apart and much of the top cornice was missing.  Naturally, it didn't run.

A catalog drawing of how the clock originally appeared.

The clock is now restored to its original beauty. The cornice has been rebuilt using walnut and cherry and stained to match the rest of the case.

The faux perch has been cleaned, restored and reattached. Gouges have been removed and the finish brightened to it original luster.  The broken door latch has been rebuilt.

The bug-eaten dial has been replaced with a custom dial that has the same manufacturer's mark as the original.

Now as when it was first made, it keeps good time and has a beautiful chime.



  1. The Gilbert you see here is the best restore job. We have carried the clock around for over forty years and finally met the one person who knew how to get her to work and look like her former glory. Thanks Curtis. You are the best.

  2. Bruce, Congrats on owning such a nice clock. I am restoring one now and I hope you can help me. Can you provice me with the dimensions of the weights? Diameter and length and how much it weighs if possible. I need to make weights for mine and this info would be very useful. Thanks!