March 2, 2016

Lenzkirch Regulator

This is a Lenzkirch regulator (like a Vienna regulator but from Germany).  We estimate it was manufactured in the 1880’s.  Most of the work is this project was on the case.  The left and right top cornices were missing and it had a lot of damage to its paint and finish

The enamel dial was cleaned and hands straightened.
The rococo corner, though still cracked from age, now has fresh black paint.
The bottom finial was missing most of its paint as well as some of it wood. Now completely restored and painted.
Much of the rococo was missing paint. Fresh black enamel is missing sections improved the clock’s appearance.
The left and right cornices were missing. This is the new one, stained to matched the original finish.
A replacement of the left missing cornice.

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